Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I heart marble!

Hi everyone! It's been a super busy couple of days. We are definitely in project mode over here at our house. Hubby and I have been sanding, stripping, adding moulding, removing hardware, and distressing our little hearts out. 

And if that's not enough, tonight was my eldest son's elementary graduation so I was running around today getting decorations,gifts, and ingredients for his favorite foods. (chicken, potatoes, corn pudding, and bean and cheese burritos) Yes, I know the burritos don't really go but those are his faves.

So remember the little marble table I bought at the estate sale? If not, see below..

And below is the table finished. I painted the legs all white and then distressed. (Of course that's after I took all the millions of screws out, deglossed, sanded, then primed)
And there you have it..

Until tomorrow,


  1. That came out great and I love how you decorated it with the picnic basket, the books and the lamp. I also went back through some of your posts and love your moss "T". Where did you get the moss from. I have never seen any that is in sheets like that.
    :) Michelle

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog and following along. I have become your newest follower too! By the way I totally love your header. Your living room looks amazing.

    :) Michelle

  3. Fabulous transformation!! I just started a blog paty "from trash to treasure" and this post would be a great additon. I hope you'll stop by and join in!

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