Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gallery Wall of Randomness

Hi All! Long time no see! I know I have already posted today but seeing as my blog is mostly about decorating and my last post was not I thought I would add one that is.

So, I bet you have noticed that I do an awful lot of posts about wall art.  I promise, I won't always but recently I have been working mad to finish up my house in my latest home decor taste of Cottage, Shabby, Vintage etc.. Also, as Spring approached and Summer is rapidly approaching I always get the itch to change things around and lighten things up from my Fall/Winter look.

With that being said, here is yet another gallery wall that I just finished in my hallway. I am calling this my gallery wall of randomness because as you will see there are several different components to this gallery wall.

I apologize for the pictures, my hallway is pretty narrow and I could not get the whole thing in one shot and had to take the pics on an angle.

Until Tomorrow.....

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  1. Hi Kristy, Very pretty gallery wall and I love the mirror at the end. Thank you for joining my party.