Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nope, still not done! Urghh......but here's a sneak peek!

Hi All!  So the magnitude of my kitchen/dining room re-do has far exceeded the amount of work that I expected.  I can't wait until it is finished.  We have ran in to some problems along the way which have just made the project drag on. It also does not help that I keep adding more "smaller" projects on to the big one.

Anyway, I have gotten some areas completed so I am just going to show you dribs and drabs.

Here is one of the drawers that is finished in my kitchen. I splurged on the drawer pulls, they were 5.00 each at Home Depot. I saved on the cabinet knobs though and bought those in bulk so they were only about 1.00 each.

I know this picture is dark, sorry! These are the dining room cabinets that I showed in an earlier post but here it is compete with the bead board. You cant see it very well but underneath the cabinets is a row of wine racks.  I will try to get a better pic for the final reveal.
Remember my dresser I finished earlier in the week? Well here it is in it's new resting place.

I had this chalkboard that I made a year or so ago and this shelf I purchased at Goodwill a couple years ago. They were red and  just painted them to match the new cabinet color.
Some pretties in the dining room.
This is in the corner of my dining room. It's an old icebox. The lid comes off and I was thinking about turning it in to a planter but for now it is a nice place for my big rooster to perch on.

Well that's all folks!  I wish I could have finished and showed you the whole thing completed but there just isn't enough hours in the day.  My hubby works all day and  I am home with the six kids for Summer so needless to say very little is getting done during the day lol...

Until later

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One project done..... Five thousand more to go

Hi Everybody! I am so sorry that I have been MIA this week.  My hubby and I have been working like crazy to get the kitchen done.  We have run in to some glitches which I will share in detail when I do the kitchen reveal.

For now though, I am over joyed to report that I finished my antique dresser. She turned out great!  I really wanted to try using chalk paint on this but I wasn't able to get any so I relied on my favorite Benjamin Moore paint in Dove White.

Here is the Before to refresh your memory.

And here it is now...

The first thing I did on this piece was thoroughly sand it. It was very beat up from being left outside in the elements for awhile but it was still structurally sound.  The paint on it was chipping off and and there was also some minor warping.  I sanded first with my electric sander and then followed by a sanding block.  Next I filled in some of the larger cracks with putty because I saw potential for splitting.  Then I sanded again.
Finally, I did two coats of primer (I like Zinser) and lightly sanded in between coats.  After that, I painted two coats of  Benjamin Moore Dove White.  After the paint was completely dry I sanded and distressed the piece all over.  We ended with applying a clear wax and new hardware.

I would love to hear what you think about the piece so feel free to leave me a comment.


PS. I usually like to put my projects in my home and accessorize before I take pics but in this case since it has taken so long, I decided to just show you now. I couldn't wait any longer!  I will show you pics again when I get it in the house.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A piece that will make you swoon!

Last Summer my father in law moved here to Oregon from Vermont.  My hubby and I and our 6 kids went to Vermont to help him pack and drive out. We got rid of most everything he had because it was all pretty much run down and falling apart. However, there was one piece that made me squeal with delight.
Isn't it gorgeous! I know, it's not a great picture but this thing weighs like a thousand pounds so I couldn't get it outside to get a full frontal but I will. It is in pretty rough shape but the lines are great.  This pic is after I had already sanded it.
These are the drawers.. I am going to change the hardware once I am done.  I would really love to paint this piece with Annie Sloan's chalk paint but it is so hard to find.  Anyone have a source?


Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Kristy and I am a decorator-AHOLIC!

Something is definitely wrong with me.. LOL!  I think I am a glutton for punishment!

So, I decided to re-do all my kitchen cabinets which is a huge job and is taking a lot longer than expected but doesn't it always?  But, the nicer things start looking the more I want to do.  So what started with the cabinets has now transformed in to furniture moving, dining room cabinets, window treatments, wainscoting and more...

That being said, we have been working on many different things with not one thing complete yet.  I am going to show you some pics of the dining room cabinets and the direction that we are going with it.

These cabinets were free! Yep that's right folks free. Some people were re-doing their kitchen and just gave away the old cabinets so I took them.  I originally painted them red and added hardware to match what I already had in my kitchen.
(These are the top cabinets)

This is the bottom. You can see we have already started priming.

Here's a close up of the cabinets together primed and painted. I thought I was going to be done with them here besides the doors and accessories but I came up with an add on! (As always)

And here is the add on.. I added wainscoting to the back. It looks amazing! I can't wait to show you the whole thing when it's all done.  But now, I think I want to re-paint the dining room and add wainscoting and a chair rail to the rest of the room. shhhh....I haven't broken the news to poor hubby yet.  He made me laugh today because while we were at Home Depot buying supplies and I was talking about the add ons.  He said "Your blog sure does make a lot more work for me" LOL!  And its true, Because of all you amazing bloggers out there who inspire me everyday and give me really great ideas!


Oh, that handsome fellow in the pic above is my eldest son Ethan. He's 11!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy Painting

Hi All!  Sorry I have not posted too much. I have been busy painting my cabinets. Man is that a big job!  I am hoping to have some cabinet updates and pics for you after the weekend.  But here is a quick run down of all the steps that we are doing.

  1. Remove cabinet doors, hinges and knobs
  2. We then deglossed and sanded all the cabinets doors
  3. Next we have cut molding to fit on top of the doors and glued/nailed them down.
  4. Add wood putty to fill in gaps and holes from hinges and knobs
  5. Caulk around the trim
  6. Sand again
  7. Prime
  8. Sand again
  9. Paint
And this was just for the doors! I am not even half way done yet but they are coming along. I am hoping to finish one section this weekend so I can show you.

So add me as a follower and check back in :)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mirror: Before and After

Hi All!  Just an update. I am working on my cabinets.. It is a very long and cumbersome process but they're getting there.  I am hoping to see a lot of progress on those over the weekend.

But for now, here is a little project I finished. I had bought that antique gold mirror at a thrift store for 7.50 and the candles holders were gold and I got them at a garage sale for 2.00. (I didn't take a before pic of the candle holders) I know.. bad blogger!

I know it's not the best picture but I had bad lighting and a mirror to work with.
I wanted to show you  a close up of the distressing. You can see the gold coming through, I love that!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I heart marble!

Hi everyone! It's been a super busy couple of days. We are definitely in project mode over here at our house. Hubby and I have been sanding, stripping, adding moulding, removing hardware, and distressing our little hearts out. 

And if that's not enough, tonight was my eldest son's elementary graduation so I was running around today getting decorations,gifts, and ingredients for his favorite foods. (chicken, potatoes, corn pudding, and bean and cheese burritos) Yes, I know the burritos don't really go but those are his faves.

So remember the little marble table I bought at the estate sale? If not, see below..

And below is the table finished. I painted the legs all white and then distressed. (Of course that's after I took all the millions of screws out, deglossed, sanded, then primed)
And there you have it..

Until tomorrow,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coming Soon to a blog near you...

Hello All!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I had a very low key weekend that included a few garage sales, a little painting, a little sanding, some cooking, a few baseball games, and a movie with my hubby and kiddos.

So, I just want to give you a few glimpses of what projects I am or will be working on over the next week or two.  Here are the "before" pics.

This is a really cute (or will be) old solid wood bookshelf. I got it for 5.00 at a yard sale.

I bought this beauty at an estate sale for 15.00  I just loved the marble. You can't tell bu the wood is a pretty dated looking fake cherry finish..(that will be changing)

Yes, another beautiful mirror. I purchased this one at a thrift store for 7.50.. It came complete with the horse sticker and everything.

And now for the big one........

Yep, that's right.. I am going to tackle my dated kitchen cabinets. You can see that we already started taking down the doors before I took our "before" pics.

So you will definitely want to stay tuned and check out the outcomes of all my projects. With that being said, make sure you "Follow" me so you can find me again..


Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Frenchie Table Reveal

Happy Saturday Everybody!

So, the weather cooperated today and I was able to finish my table. I think she turned out great!

OK, so here is the before of the sofa table. I got it at an estate sale for 45.00

And, here she is after her day at the spa. She was cleaned, sanded, painted and then sanded again. She received some new hardware and voila!
Here are a couple close-ups so you can see the distressing.

I'd love to hear what you think, please leave a comment and be sure to follow me.  Have a great rest of your weekend.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Pottery Barn knock off moss letter...

Hi All,

I know I said I was going to do the reveal of my table today but the weather here in Oregon didn't quite cooperate today.  I will keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow.
So instead, I wanted to show you my version of the Pottery Barn moss letters. I am not going to do a step by step tutorial on this because they are all over blogland right now. I will however show you the steps in photos and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me.

So, the only difference between my version and the original versions out there is that mine is a little more petite. 

I placed my moss letter in front of a plate that I had in this iron plate holder. I think it turned out great. What do you think? I'd love to hear from you. 

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Hi All,  Happy Thursday!  Just dropping in to say Hello. I have been busy working on my project today. I am hoping to share the reveal tomorrow.

It seems like everything nowadays is always so complicated and sometimes I just enjoy relishing simple pleasures like fresh cut flowers..

My daughters got these flowers for their recital last weekend and I put them in an old milk bottle. (Another one of my collections)

They make me smile and I hope they will make you smile too..

Until tomorrow,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sneak Peak

So a couple of weekends ago I was at an estate sale and I spotted this sofa table under a bunch of newspapers. It is really long with three drawers and is very well made. The top has a bunch of spots on it and is a bit marred up but that doesn't scare us away does it? Oh, and it was only 45.00 and it's solid oak.

So here are my before shots.

(notice the applique on the front)

In this shot you can really see the damage to the top.
I have already put a coat of this liquid sander. I have never used this product before so I am anxious to see how it works.

Stay tuned for the next sofa table transformation update.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My house 1 room at a time.

My goal as I show you rooms in my house is to eventually have a complete home tour section on my blog.  So, I already showed you my first guest room (The red one).

This is my 2nd guest room. I recently changed it up with this new bedding to brighten up for Spring/Summer.  I have put a detailed list of everything in this room with the prices that I paid because I always get questions about those two things.  I am a super frugal person when it comes to most everything. The only exception is when I have to sacrifice quality.
OK so here's a run down of whats in this room..
The bed is an antique iron bed.  I bought it at an auction for 80.00
The green plaid bedding and curtains was a whole set that I got for 35.00 on clearance at Kmart believe it or not a few years ago.
You can't see it very well in the pics but the white blanket on the bed is a vintage chenille blanket.
The two pillows I purchased at yard sales for around 3.00 each.
The white lamps on each side of the bed were closeouts at Home Depot for 18.00 each. (with the shade)
The two tier antique wood table on the right side of the bed was purchased at an estate sale for 25.00
The white iron round table on the left side I found at a garage sale for 4.00 (I covered it with a vintage table topper.
You can't see the chandelier very well but it was a standard old brass fixture that I painted green and then just replaced the milk glass globes. I purchased the light for 14.99 at Habitat for Humanity.

This is a vintage dresser I bought on Craigslist for 80.00. (I am debating on whether or not to paint this)
The green matellasse runner on the dresser I bought at Williams Sonoma outlet a few years ago for about 5.00
On the dresser is some milk glass vases and candle holders from my collection.
On the left side of the dresser is a white chair with a wicker seat I bought at a yard sale for 5.00
The crocheted granny blanket on the chair I bought at goodwill for 2.99
On the wall is a painting I bought at a New York City flea market over 10 years ago. The painting on canvas was 10.00..  I had it custom framed for 120.00 (Yikes! Note to self: learn custom framing)
I turned the closet in this room in to a little desk nook.. (I know the chair is hideous) I have been meaning to work on this.  Anyway this is a simple project my husband did for me.  Its just a Formica top sitting on top of an existing shelf on the left that was there and a side support my hubby added on the right.
I added a lamp and some accessories on the desk and on the shelves above.
On the wall to the right of the closet is a black and white art photograph I got at Ross on clearance for 7.00
The green hooks underneath I purchased at TJ Maxx for 9.99
I hung some old vintage cameras I got from my father in law.

Finally, is right wall. I hung an old vacancy sign that a friend gave me. I just painted it.
Underneath the sign is a black shelf I got at goodwill for a few dollars. I added some more of my milk glass collection.
Then on the floor is a antique painted iron quilt rack that I have a vintage bedspread and a vintage crocheted coverlet hanging on.

So I would love to hear your comments and or suggestions about my room..
Thanks for stopping by.


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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Back in March when I was busy doing my living room re-do is when I met her.  We met online and I was immediately smitten.  Her name was Brielle and I spent the next several days thinking about her.  I literally had her on my computer screen 24/7 for about a week.  It was after that week when I worked up enough courage to ask her out. I asked her to come over to my place.  I just had to see her.  Brielle agreed and she came over a couple of days later. It was the first time I saw her in person and I was not disappointed. She was a french beauty! She was elegant and sophisticated yet still incredibly approachable. I just had to have her.  There was a problem though. I hadn't exactly told my husband about her and I was nervous. What would he say?  Would he say "I don't think so! or would he say "Ooh La La"?  

Meet the beautiful Brielle...
my beautiful french script slipper chair.  Gorgeous huh?
I'm in love..... and my husband loves her too!  She moved in and has been here ever since.