Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy Painting

Hi All!  Sorry I have not posted too much. I have been busy painting my cabinets. Man is that a big job!  I am hoping to have some cabinet updates and pics for you after the weekend.  But here is a quick run down of all the steps that we are doing.

  1. Remove cabinet doors, hinges and knobs
  2. We then deglossed and sanded all the cabinets doors
  3. Next we have cut molding to fit on top of the doors and glued/nailed them down.
  4. Add wood putty to fill in gaps and holes from hinges and knobs
  5. Caulk around the trim
  6. Sand again
  7. Prime
  8. Sand again
  9. Paint
And this was just for the doors! I am not even half way done yet but they are coming along. I am hoping to finish one section this weekend so I can show you.

So add me as a follower and check back in :)


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